The Girl in the Mirror (Part 3) (Englisch)



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Ich habe den Rest der Geschichte gefunden und stelle sie einmal hier online. Der Originaltitel ist:

The Unintentional Nudist VII: The Girl in the Mirror

by DonnyLaja


A relieved, kind face came up to the bars.  "Are you O.K.?"  It was a middle-aged woman in casual, heavy clothing, overcoat unbuttoned.  She had a paper cup in her hand.

Tami slowly uncrossed her legs and got up, wincing from a pain in her hip, and stood up and looked at the woman through the bars.  She looked down at the cup.  "I'm O.K. . . . I'm thirsty, please."

With a quick nod an officer appeared and asked Tami to turn around.  Gratefully she brought her freed hands around to rub her stiff, cold nipples, which also served to cover them.  As she held her breasts in her hands the woman said, "What is your name?"

"Tami Smithers," she said, breasts still in her hands, as the woman put the cup to her lips through the bars and the naked prisoner took a sip.

A phone rang somewhere.

"I'm Marla Maber from the crisis center," the woman said.  "I put together some clothes for you."

Tami's throat went dry again as she saw the woman walk back to a chair which had . . . Ohmigod . . . in a few seconds I'll be wearing a tee shirt, a heavy sweater, thick wool socks, furry mocassin boots, sweatpants . . .

The naked girl closed her eyes and exhaled and looked up and thanked her dear God in heaven.  God was good.  Jesus was good.  She was forgiven.  As Marla Maber bunched the clothes up between her arms and carried them to the bars the naked prisoner reached out her hand to grab them.

The Unintentional Nudist VII: The Girl in the Mirror, Part 10


 The young man in a business suit yanked away the bunch of clothes with both arms and put them back onto the chair as the surprised naked girl looked down at them with anguish and panic.  Her lips formed an obvious and pronounced "No!!!"

 The man said, "Her college just called.  It turns out she's a religious nudist.  The Department can't be accused of making her wear clothes."

 Mrs. Maber was very irritated.  "I'm not forcing her to wear them.  And it's cold in here, in case you haven't noticed!"

 "Anything we have her do while in custody will look like it's by force," the young man pointed out with lawyerly logic.

 Mrs. Maber looked back at the clothes and then at the young man in exasperation and then at Tami.  "Miss Smithers, this is Gary Wyburn from the D.A.'s office, a legal know-it-all if you ask me!"  She looked back at Gary Wyburn.  It was apparent to Tami that these two were enemies from way back.

 "Miss Smithers -- " the young man looked at Tami's face and then was distracted by her breasts and pubic hair for a few seconds before he caught himself and looked up again -- "you didn't tell us about your religion.  According to the caller, a Mr. Dean Jorgon from Campbell - Frank College, you are enrolled there and you are a religious nudist who hasn't worn any clothes all semester.  Is this true?"

Tami slouched and her eyes sank to the floor.  "Yes."  The Dean had got the best of her.  Again.

"Well," Mr. Wyburn continued breathlessly, "I've talked to my supervisor.  He agrees to Mr. Jorgon's request that you be released.  Do you have a means of getting back home?"

Tami looked up, though not really focusing, as if in a dream.  Then she cleared her throat.  "My car's in the church parking lot."

"O.K., we'll have the officers take you back."

"Take her back??!"  Mrs. Maber looked at her nemesis.  "Naked?  In the snow??"

"It's O.K.," Tami said as an officer unlocked her cell and she walked out.  "You've been very kind, thank you."  She just wanted to get the hell back to her house and into her bed.  And with a last longing look at the pile of warm clothes on the chair, which she would never touch or ever see again, the naked teenager walked forlornly down the hall, following the two officers.

 It was the same two men who had arrested her.  They politely escorted her to the patrol car and wordlessly drove her back to the church.  They saw the old car parked alone in the now-deserted parking lot.  Tami stole a quick look at the digital clock on the police car dashboard.  3:00 a.m. exactly.

 "That your car?"  "Yeah."  Snow was falling gently which now covered the old car with a two-inch blanket of cold feathery white stuff.  Tami would have to work fast, running to the car, starting it up, and then clearing the windshield off with a quick sweep of her arm.  But it could be done.  She sighed.  At least in a few minutes I'll be in bed and asleep.

 As the officer opened the door for her to leave, he said, "You were in a lot of trouble before, kid, striking an officer, among other things.  Those people up at your college are really looking out for you!"

 Tami grunted as she made a run for her car and the police disappeared.

 A naked girl dealing with a snow-covered car in the dead of a winter night has very little time to work with.  Tami decided to clear the windshield first.  Christ this stuff is cold!! she thought to herself as she bent over, bare breasts crushing the snow on the driver's side, and swept the freezing stuff off with one arm.  Fortunately the temperature was below freezing and there was no slushy buildup.  The windshield was now clean and clear except for a few solitary flakes.

 She hadn't bothered to lock the car.  She opened the door, inhaled through her teeth as her bare butt hit the cold, stiff leather of the seat, and fished around below for her ankle pouch.

 Then she turned the key.  Rrr - rrr - rrr . . . rrr . . . rrr . . .

 The battery was almost dead.

 "SHIT!!" Tami yelled, slamming her hands on the steering wheel.  Every fucking thing has gone wrong tonight!!!

 Survival tends to focus the mind and sharpen the wits.  The naked teenager looked around.  The area was deserted.  She would freeze to death if she stayed here for more than a few minutes.  A couple of blocks down there was a residential area.  She could knock on any old door and surely someone would let in a naked girl on a snowy night.  Christmas, no less.  Of course, they'd think she was crazy and maybe dangerous.  So here come the police again.

 Her house was maybe a mile away.  Tami gulped.  I've got to make a run for it.  I can do this.  One mile, I can do it in maybe seven minutes easy.  The exertion will keep me warm.

 Anybody who happened to be on Chalkstone Avenue would have enjoyed the odd but enchanting sight of a beautiful naked young female human, her body in perfect physical condition, sprinting silently and efficiently with bare feet over the freshly fallen snow.   But there was nobody awake at that hour.

When Tami got back to her house her feet were numb but she was not really cold, just winded and a little exhilarated.  Her lungs and her mind had gotten cleared out by the cold air.  She was exhausted and crawled under her bedcovers and was asleep in seconds.

.   .   .

 Tami looked out at her brother Joe, who was sitting in her father's car (a rather new mini-van) as it warmed up.  This was a fine, sunny Christmas morning, a bit windy, the snow from last night starting to melt but making everything even brighter.  It was so good to be in daylight.  Last night's misadventures seemed more and more like a bad dream.  Today things seemed brighter and more sane.

 Tami finished sipping her coffee as she sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the bay window.  She had told Joe to wait until there was plenty of heat in the car before calling her out.  Then they would drive to the church and, while Tami hunched down behind the wheel hopefully out of everyone's sight, Joe would connect the jumper cables to the old car and get it going and both of them would drive home.

 The naked girl sighed with relief.  Mr. Noyes must be satisfied now.  I've gone to that party, and whoever his spy was in church, he sure as hell saw that I went to Midnight Mass.  That must have been how the Dean knew to call the station house later on.  It was hardly my fault I got thrown out.

She looked out at the houses on the street.  I'm sure word of last night's spectacle will get around town.  Well, I'm for it in this town anyway.  Rod . . . Jen . . . Tami badly missed snuggling with her boyfriend, and even missed her daily session of tonguing from Jen.  She felt much more at home at college than she did in this stupid old town anyway.  She missed her dorm room. . .

 Joe signaled to her to come out.

 As Tami went back to the kitchen to put her coffee cup in the sink she saw her parents, just woken up, sitting at the table in their bathrobes, sipping orange juice.  Her mother seemed to be looking right at Tami's crotch.  Thenshe said, "Good Lord, how did you get that bruise?  Are you O.K.?"

 Tami looked down.  There was a big blue bruise between her hip bone and her pubic hair.  She felt herself blush, realizing how her body was so totally on display for anyone to observe.  With any other girl the bruise would be hidden under clothes.  But not for Tami Smithers.

 "I -- I slipped, I think."  She really didn't remember it too well.

 "So what happened at mass?"  her father asked.

 Tami thought quickly.  She couldn't say she didn't go; her parents would surely find out otherwise.  She decided to tell the truth, or close to it, and keep it short.  "You were right.  They wouldn't let me in."  She turned and left, her parents looking casually at their daughter's bare butt as it bounced out of sight and shrugging to themselves.

 "THIS is 'warm'?" Tami said, rubbing her elbows as she eased in to the passenger seat.

 "Hard to tell in this weather," said Joe, his attention on the steering wheel as he turned out into the street.  He had long ago learned to take his sister's nakedness in stride and was thinking about the video game he had been in the middle of when he had been pulled out of his room on this pain in the butt errand.

 They turned into the church parking lot and there was no time to lose.  It had taken forever to pry Joe lose from his video game.  By now the 8:45 mass was about to let out.  Well, this should only take two minutes anyway.

Tami sat nervously behind the wheel of the mini-van, looking in all directions for any approaching persons, as Joe got the jumper cables out of the trunk of the old car.  With some difficulty he popped the hood of both vehicles and then connected the cables.  He got into the old car and it wouldn't start, no matter how much Tami raced the engine of the mini-van.

Tami looked through the crack in the hood.  Joe, that screw-up, had grounded the black cable on the live car instead of on the dead car.  She yelled at him through the window glass of the two cars and, when he couldn't hear her, she turned off the mini-van and called him over.

Hunching below the window, she told Joe what was wrong, but her brother's ideas of how to jump-start a car were too rudimentary for him to understand what she was saying.

 "Shit, let me do it," she finally said, bolting out of the mini-van as Joe got in behind the wheel.  Nobody appeared to be around.  She could do this in two seconds and scoot back in.

 Unfortunately he had twisted the cables on so tight on the mini-van that when she tried to adjust them part of the battery terminal snapped off.  Shit . . . shit . . . she frantically wiggled the cables back on and finally got them to where they seemed to stay put.

 Over to the old car.  This was a sedan, sitting lower.  She had to bend over to get to the battery.  Wind kicked up, blowing through the crack in the hood.  In the midst of the whistling sound Tami could not hear the crunching of snow as people were coming out of the church, blinking their eyes as they emerged into the bright morning.  They were still blinking when they saw the sight they would never forget: a naked girl bent over the hood of a car, one leg bent back and up to keep her balance, slushy snow stuck to the sole of the bare foot, her breasts hanging down and wiggling as she twiddled the cables.

 Tami stood up and looked back, panicking as she saw people pouring out of church and walking towards her to get to their cars.  She dashed behind the wheel of the old car, her bare butt not even touching the cold seat, as she frantically signaled to Joe to start the minivan up again.  She turned the key.  Still not enough juice.  She signaled for Joe to race the engine but still it did no good.  Then she saw that one of the cables had popped loose.

 Shit . . .shit. . .  the naked girl dashed out again and bent over the cold engine.  Somebody said "What the -- " and she was aware of several people standing at the surrounding cars, looking at her in amazement.  This was a spectacle almost as bad as last night.  Please, Jesus, help me. . .  Finally with a furious twist she got the cable on securely, in the process jerking her hand onto the dirty greasy cylinder head.  Damn, that oil leak never got fixed!  Standing up, without thinking she rubbed her grease-covered hand onto her tummy and looked down and saw that she had made a big black smear on her bare skin extending between her navel and her pubic hair, right next to the bruise.  Damn, damn . . . she didn't feel the cold, she just wanted to get the hell out of here!

 Dashing into the car she breathed a quick sigh of relief as the car started.  She gunned it a couple of times, which she knew was bad for the engine but the hell with that now.  The churchgoers saw the naked girl get out once again and, moving furiously, breasts bouncing, disconnect all the cables and shut both hoods.  In a few seconds the two vehicles were lurching out of the parking lot, the minivan in a leisurely fashion, the old car like a bat out of hell.

The Unintentional Nudist VII:  The Girl in the Mirror, Part 11

 Tami and her mother were in the Smithers' basement, the day after Christmas.

 Tami was helping her mother put things away.  New presents, old things, putting discarded wrapping paper in bags . . . The shelves were full of old stuff and Mrs. Smithers had decided to take advantage of her daughter's intercession down time to clean up a few things around the house.  Mrs. Smithers was wearing her required outfit of apron and high heels, which scraped against the rough concrete floor.  Her daughter's bare feet moved more silently and swiftly.

 After a couple of hours of putting this and that up on the shelves and separating out the bags of garbage for Joe to take out to the curb, the two women were pooped.  They sat on the picnic bench which in warmer weather would have been out in the back yard, sipping some leftover Amaretto which Uncle Robert had brought on Christmas Eve, and getting a little bit giggly as they talked about old times -- reminded by things like Tami's cheerleading pom-poms from high school, which a few minutes ago Tami had decided belonged in the trash.

 Her mother looked down at her feet in heels next to Tami's bare toes.  "So, Tami, tell me really . . . what's it like to go around naked all the time?"  Her mother loved feeling devilish in her scanty attire and was thinking it must be even more sexy being naked, though of course she wouldn't have the courage to do that.

 To her total surprise, though, her daughter's smile faded and her face contorted into a sob.  "Oh, Mom . . ."

 Mrs. Smithers, shocked, put her arms around her daughter's bare shoulders.  "Oh Tami, darling . . .my little girl . . ."

 "If you only knew . . . I hate every minute of it, Mom.  I HATE it!!" Tami cried into her mother's armpit.  "I'm going to get a job this summer away from the college and away from Dad so I can wear clothes and no one will know!"  She sniffled like a child.

 Mrs. Smithers patted her daughter's bare back comfortingly.  Then she looked up, sensed that her husband was probably taking a nap, and then kicked off her heels.  "Here, Tami . . . try these on."

 Wiping the tears away, Tami looked at the shoes, black pumps like she used to wear to parties herself.  "Thanks Mom . . . " she said, breathing in, composing herself, standing up so that she could begin to feel actual footwear, something actually under her feet, for the first time in . . .

 She tried to squeeze her toes into the pumps and then tried to take a step.  "Whoa --"   She fell forward, landing on her hands, then pushed herself up again.  "Oww - -"  She fell back onto the bench.

 Tami looked at the heels with puzzlement.  Her feet and her mother's were the same size.  They used to wear each other's shoes.  What was going on?  She bent down and tried to fit her heel into the back of the shoe but it wouldn't go.  The toes were too tight.  It hurt even to try.

 "I can't wear these," Tami said, shaking her head.  She kicked the heels off her feet towards her mother.  She noticed her mother's feet.  They looked pale, thin, the toes pinched and cramped.  Tami then looked over at her own feet and flexed her toes.  After weeks of going barefoot her toes had spread out.  And her feet looked tanned and strong, as if she lived on a tropical beach.

 "Your feet got big from being barefoot," her mother said, stating the obvious.  After a moment she got up and said, "Well, at least you can try on the apron."

 Tami tried not to look at her mother's bare breasts and pubic hair as she gave her daughter the only piece of clothing she had on.  Tami expected it to be a little loose; her mother was a bit heavier than she was.  But as Tami tied the apron around her back she was bothered by it.  It felt scratchy and somehow suffocating, even though it was indeed too loose for her.

 Suppressing these feelings, Tami Smithers, clad in an apron, walked there and back in the Smithers basement, swaying as if she were on a fashion runway.  She smiled at her mother.  "This feels so good," she lied.  Mrs. Smithers smiled.

 Later, Tami was sitting naked up at the kitchen table, eating cookies and looking again at her grade report as her mother fussed about in her heels and apron.  Tami wasn't thinking about her grades, though.  She was thinking: my feet have gotten too big for shoes.  And my body has gotten too used to being naked.  It seems like I wasn't meant for clothes any more.  I've got to reverse this process.  I'm turning into some kind of wild animal.  Let's see . . . 142 days . . . 142 days till my summer job . . .

.   .   .

 The fire was warm and crackling and lovely.  The naked girl, propped up against the bottom of the chair, sitting straight-legged on the floor, holding a pillow against her tummy, warming her feet that were extended out in front of her, daydreamed about Rod and winter and fireplaces . . . she imaged she was in a cabin in the mountains, and Rod, the man of the house, came back from town with snow on his coat and ski cap, carrying groceries.  She would cut vegetables and cook burgers while he watched and sipped wine.  Her cooking would be exquisite.  Then after they ate they would lie down on a big fur rug in front of the fire . . . and . . .

Tami shook her head.  Hanging out with her mother and father and their traditional marriage, she was starting to think like a happy homemaker herself.  God, I've got to get back to college.

Still, the fire was nice.  It was really cold out today, and her father had decided to get some logs from the little wood pile out back.  She regretted telling him once that fireplaces only made the house colder by sucking air in through the cracks and all the hot air just goes up the chimney.  Science can be a real spoilsport at times.

She looked out.  It was mid-afternoon and starting to get dark.  It didn't seem like it but the days were starting to get longer again.  Two days to New Year's.  What a year this has been . . . !  Good, and bad.  No, make that great, and horrible.  No, very very great, and --

The doorbell rang and sneaking a look out the window Tami knew it had to be for her.  A priest.  The Midnight Mass debacle.  Time to face the fallout.

 Tami could scarcely believe she was doing it but she went and answered the door herself.

 He was very handsome, and young too.  Pretty eyes that immediately caught Tami's attention.  She made up her mind not to blush or to cover herself.  When the door was opened, the young priest, dressed head to foot in black, stood face to face with the naked girl.  It was like they were from two different races of creatures.

 "Hello, Tami Smithers, I presume? I'm Father George from St. Mary's."

 Tami bit her lip.  "This is about Midnight Mass, right?"  She sensed her mother approaching from behind.

 "Yes. . . Can we talk for a couple of minutes?"

 In a few minutes Tami was sitting across from Father George, who was sipping some of the Amaretto her mother had offered.  "This is very good," he said.  Sensing he wanted to talk to her privately, Mrs. Smithers went upstairs.

 Father George's eyes followed Mrs. Smithers until she disappeared and then he leaned forward and spoke to Tami in a hushed voice.  "You don't know this, because you weren't exactly lucid at the time, but I followed the police to the station and tried to talk to you when you were being detained."

 Tami tried to remember.  That whole episode was hazy in her mind.

 "You should also know that after the ushers threw you out, Father Coubert stopped the mass to have everyone say a prayer for you before he continued."

 Well, that was nice of him, Tami conceded.  At least he didn't conduct some kind of public excommunication.

 "And," the young priest continued, rolling the Amaretto around in his glass, "I found out that nudism was your religion.  Is this true?"

 Tami felt a creeping chill.  Her mind raced.  Was this man Noyes's spy?  She never saw this guy before.  He must be new at the church.  Or was he lying about being a priest at St. Mary's?  No, he wouldn't lie about that . . .

 She couldn't take the chance.  "Yes, it is my religion," she said, trying to sound resolute.

 "I bet," Father George said, speaking slowly, "that you weren't trying to make some kind of scene.  I bet you just wanted to attend mass."

 Tami looked at him.  She decided to nod.

 "I had a long talk with Dean Jorgon on the phone after he got done talking to the desk sergeant.  Your dedication to your religion is really quite remarkable.  How old are you?"


 "A freshman, right?"


 "I don't want to sound insulting, but I think a young person like you could use some guidance.  Did you really think they would let you into church naked?  . . . I don't mean to question your religion.  You probably know, nudism was recognized as a real religion a couple of years ago by the state court. . . But I think you are putting yourself under some unnecessary stress and that is why you freaked out.  Tell me, do you go to church up at college?"

 At college, going to church had been the furthest thing from her mind.  Tami answered simply, "No."

 "My advice is, find a church.  Or find people who believe like you.  The people who won that court case might be a good source of support.  I did some digging and got the address of a contact person."  He got out a folded piece of paper and gave it to the naked girl.  Tami opened it up and saw that it was on St. Mary's stationery.  In pencil there was a name and an address from one of the ritzy resort towns down by the ocean.

 She didn't know what else to do.  She said, "Thanks," and put the paper on the end table next to her.  Where does a naked girl put a piece of paper?  She had no clothes with pockets.  She suppressed a smile as she thought, Well I could stuff it up my butt.  But he probably wouldn't like that.

 Or maybe he would.  Was this guy gay?  She looked at his face again.  She had heard that nowadays a lot of priests were gay.  His face seemed pretty rather than handsome.  A gay guy would probably find him attractive. . . That would explain why he hasn't looked down at my body yet. . .

 Tami shook her head.  Why am I getting these weird thoughts?  She focused as Father George spoke again.  "They might not be much help when you're way up at Campbell - Frank, of course.  I assume there is some kind of campus pastor up there?"

 Tami shrugged, feeling like an idiot for not knowing.  But in fact this was another thing she had never thought about.

 "Well, then . . ."  Father George leaned closer and looked Tami right in the eye.  "You have faith, and faith is very precious.  But I don't think you can make it alone.  Find someone else up there who is a religious person and has faith, I don't mean another nudist, but someone who has their own religious convictions and can respect yours."

 Tami looked down.  Here is another guy who has totally misunderstood my situation but at least he touched on one thing that was right.  I really miss having Rebecca around.

 Father George got up.  "Well, I'm done.  You can reach me at the church if you want to talk.  Don't hesitate to call.  Also, don't worry about that Midnight Mass thing, I think I can even make Father Coubert see that you're not loony.  He is kind of set in his ways, though."

 Tami rolled her eyes and smiled.  "Yes, I know."  They both laughed.

 Not caring if the neighbors saw, Tami stood in the doorway as she saw the young priest walk down the street.  She looked in that direction for a long time after he had disappeared from view.  She smiled as she shut the door.  She was relieved to realize that she felt strong again.

The Unintentional Nudist VII:  The Girl in the Mirror, Part 12 (Conclusion)

 The rest of that Christmas break passed uneventfully and monotonously.  After her holiday misadventures, Tami was actually glad to be bored.  She got into a routine.  While she was in high school she would jog around the block every morning and then do stretching exercises.  Being naked forced only a slight adjustment.  Now she got up REALLY early, around 5 p.m., to go on her jog.  There was nobody up and around at that time.  It was cold, cold, cold, but Tami was used to these quick outdoor winter runs, and it felt good to have the cold air racing through her lungs.  As for the bruise on her hip, it only hurt for a couple of days, then it turned yellow and then it disappeared.

After her morning jog it was up to her room for her stretching exercises.  She would do them in front of a mirror but now, doing them naked, she couldn't help but notice her pussy and asshole poking out at her as she did her splits.  She just couldn't stop looking.  Sometimes she would stop just to come up close and look at her open pussy in the mirror.  Like that one time up on her bed, she would stretch her lower lips this way and that, coax her clit out of its hood . . . one time she even got her dad's flashlight and tried to balance it between her heels, aiming it up into her opening as she stretched her inner lips apart.  No matter how she wiggled, though, she just couldn't get the right angle to see inside.  She actually found herself envying her dorm-mates at that workshop who had looked way up into her with a flashlight under Dr. Congi's supervision while she was stretched wide open with that speculum.

 Then there was her butthole.  Again, she couldn't stop looking at it in the mirror, either from the front, or on all fours looking around from the rear.  She tried to get it to open up like that one time, but couldn't.  A couple of times she coated her fingertip with skin cream and actually pushed it inside to the first knuckle, wiggling it inside her as she turned to look on all fours.  It was a real weird feeling, not pleasurable by any means, but interesting in a horrific kind of way.

 These exploration sessions always ended the same way -- with Tami putting her hand to her forehead and saying to herself, What the hell is going on with me here?  I'm turning into a real perv!  Maybe this is just what a horny girl does when she's away from her man.

 Her man dropped back into her life just as she felt the rising sun of the new semester approaching.  Her dad was going to take her back to college, but two days before the dorms were to open she got a call from Rod, who offered to come and pick her up even though it was about eighty miles out of his way.  Her dad was skeptical.  "Who is this 'Rod' guy?"

 "A friend of mine."  They were watching the AFC Bowl on T.V., which meant that John Smithers was listening with only half an ear.

 "Oh really."

 "Yes."  Tami realized then that her parents didn't know yet that she had a boyfriend, and that he was black.

 She counted the hours up to Rod's arrival with anticipation and dread.  When the dented old Mercury rolled up to the curb and the young black man with the shaved head and nerdy glasses walked up to the door, Tami made a dash to answer it before her parents got downstairs.

 "Hey babe -- " was all Rod got out as he embraced his naked girlfriend.  Mindful of her surroundings Tami tried to be reserved, but she had been denied this for too long.  She found herself locked into a protracted, sloppy kiss.

 Which was broken by the sound of John Smithers's throat being cleared.  "Tami?"

 Tami turned and looked down and then decided to be brave.  "Dad, Mom, this is Rod . . . my boyfriend."  She smiled and leaned her head against his heavy winter coat.

 Her dad stood there stonily, her mom with a confused look.  He looked at Rod and could not help noticing that there was a black man holding his naked daugher.  "You got yourself quite a prize, young man."

 Tami's eyes flashed.  "Daddy!!"  Rod was speechless.  Mrs. Smithers gave her husband a sharp look.

 The clouds broke over John Smithers's head immediately.  He exhaled and smirked.  "Rod, John Smithers."  He shook Rod's hand.  "I mean that, you really do have a prize here."

 Later that day, Tami's parents were watching from the driveway as she tucked herself into the passenger seat and Rod tossed her backpack into the back seat.  Tami felt the cold seat under her bare butt and said, "Rod, is there like, any heat in this car?"  She hadn't been in it before.

Rod stopped what he was doing.  "Uh . . ."

Thereupon Tami found a use for the comforter she had gotten for Christmas.

.   .   .

The miles went by, Rod driving in his heavy winter clothes, Tami huddled cross-legged in her comforter, only her face showing.

 "This car is c - o - l - d!"  Tami said, watching her breath form little clouds in front of her.

 Rod looked across.  "You look like a primitive cave woman."

 Tami smiled.  "Huddled up in the fur you got me. . . You captured me from that tribe across the river.  You know, those white people."

 Rod reached over and felt the top of Tami's head through the blanket.  "Still have that lump from where I clubbed you?"

 Tami shifted and bent over, her face approaching Rod's crotch.  "I'd like to see that club again."

 "Tami -- !!"

 A big bundle of blanket moved slowly onto his crotch, like a leech intent on sucking the life juice out of him.

 "Ohhh -- "

 Rod breathed heavily and stared dully at the road ahead.  The warm, wet suction continued.  The head of the bundled, blanketed creature bobbed up and down, taking his caveman's club in deeper and deeper.  In less than two minutes the spurts of semen were shooting out, feeding the blanketed creature.  The creature's victim moaned loudly.  "OHHHH! . . . OHHH!"

 Tami swallowed every drop and got up, wiping her mouth on the comforter, giggling at what Uncle Robert might think about her use of his gift.  The semen was tasty and salty and a little fishy.  She might have been grossed out with another man, but with Rod the semen tasted like sex, like love, like life.  Mmmm, very good.  Nourishing.

 She looked over at Rod's wet, slowly deflating penis, saw him shift and try to zip himself back up with one hand while keeping the other hand on the wheel.  "Now I can tell you," she said.

 "Tell me what?"

 "The white tribe has sent me to kill you."  Tami pushed Rod's hand away and once again went down to take his wet penis in her mouth.  "I'm going to make you come to death.  How many loads can you give me before we get to the school?  We've got maybe two hours to go, right?"

 Rod looked down at the persistent bobbing blanketed creature, feeling it feed on him again.  This was exquisite torture.  "Nooo . . . Ohhh . . ."  He kept his eyes on the road.

.   .   .

 Tami, her bare foot carefully swathed in the end of the blanket, trod the gas pedal on Rod's car as they came up on the highway exit for Campbell- Frank.  She smiled as she looked over to her boyfriend, lying on the passenger seat, head back, snoring.  I really sucked him out!  She enjoyed his being in her power.  She had gotten four ejaculations out of him while he was driving and unable to do anything about it.  He had tried to push her away, but she was strong and he had to keep the car under control.  Finally after the last come, which was just a couple of thin, weak spurts, he said he was sleepy and asked Tami to take the wheel.  Two minutes later he was in dreamland.  That is, if he had enough energy even to dream!

 Tami felt full and satiated.  Her belly seemed to slosh with Rod's semen, and her horniness had been taken care of by the quick come she had fingered herself to about ten minutes ago.  She sat relaxed, the blanket loose around her shoulders, her bare arms extended, hands on the steering wheel, about as happy as she had been in a long, long time.

 As she pulled in to campus she exhaled.  Well, back to my role as Naked Tami.  I wonder what outrages this semester will bring . . . traffic was heavy as students were pulling in next to dorms and unloading.  Not much for me to unload, she told herself.  Remembering that she was in Wanda/Heather/Dean Jorgon territory now, she pulled the blanket off and tossed it into the back seat.  She wasn't cold any more, anyway, after all this sex.  In fact inside the car everything was hot and moist.  She smiled as she noted that even the windshield had gotten a little fogged.

 She pulled into the parking lot for Pilgrim Hall, quickly waving to some girls she knew.  She looked over and stuck a bare foot into Rod's crotch.  "Wake up, stud."

 The crotch being the numbest part of Rod at the moment, Tami had to shake his head to get him to stir.  As they kissed lazily, Rod said, "You know you taste like me.  In fact your breath smells like semen."

 Tami giggled.  "I'd better rinse my mouth."

 Tami strode through the dorm lobby, backpack slung over one shoulder.  Again, that weird feeling of being the only naked person . . . in the midst of fully clothed friends and acquaintances passing by in front of the lounge and on the stairs.  The dorm was clogged with slow-moving people in bulky winter clothes, set off by the naked skin of the campus nudist who glided swiftly through.  Once again, she was Naked Tami.  There were some shocked stares from girls who were mid-year admissions.  Tami tried to ignore them.

After rinsing her mouth in the downstairs bathroom, she had started up the dorm stairs with her backpack when she ran into Jen, dressed heavily and totally in black.  "You are very, very brown," Tami said, looking at Jen's face, almost pitch black from the Caribbean sun.

 Jen grabbed her naked friend, twisted her nipples with gloved hands until the naked girl squealed, and then gave her a wet kiss on the lips.  "I missed you very, very, very . . . "  Jen turned around and they went up the stairs together.

 "Very, very, very . . . " Jen said as they went down the hall.  "MUCH!!"  She turned to hold Tami's face in her hands and give her a French kiss that almost took Tami's tonsils out, which she ended when a girl came down the hall and cleared her throat.

As they broke their kiss Jen smacked her lips critically, tasting something strange.  "Hmmm . . ."

The naked girl said, "By the way, Rod says hi," and giggled.

Half a second of a weird look from Jen.  Then, "Bleechh!! Pppp!! Pppp!!"  Jen gagged, dancing with her finger in her throat, managing to smile throughout.

As they approached their room, 207, Jen said, "Big surprise!"

 "Wha --"

 Tami stopped in mid-word as the door flung open and she saw a new girl in the bottom bunk.  All Terri's things were gone and there were new bedcovers, decorations, and pictures on that side of the room.  A rather chunky girl with a pretty face, pale skin, short red hair, blue lipstick, and a nose ring sat on the bunk.

 "Terri got a part time job and moved off campus.  And here is our new roommate -- my old friend, back from her exchange student deal in Belgium, Mandy Rabinowitz!"  Jen said proudly.

Mandy looked up with smoldering eyes.  In a husky, lusty voice, she said,  "Well hello . . ." looking the naked girl up and down.



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