Die Erziehung meiner Frau



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I met Doren at school. I attend a small junior college in the Midwest and we met
in English composition 101. I had went
through a nasty divorce, failed out of a four year college, did a hitch in the
service and now I was looking for a second start.

Doren was very beautiful and bright and had a figure proportional to a Barbie
Doll before Mattell decided that they were built too well, except that she had
all of the essential details. I never understood why she didn't go to a larger
school. She seemed to have little trouble maintaining the best of grades.

I was looking for a relationship where I could be loved and love in return. I
also wanted a girl with a great body to prove my virility, at least to anyone
who happened to be looking.
Doren was a vision of perfection. In my eyes she was an ideal that contained the
best features of all women. She was 21, lovely and I smitten with her after
first meeting her but I was reserved because I didn't want to appear to be too
Doren had a preference for tube tops, which she wore at school and for sheer
silky things that she wore with no bra when she went out other places. Her
perpetually erect nipples were always protruding into the fabric and her firm
breasts always were impossible to ignore. Some of the guys nicknamed her
"headlights" but they never called her that where any one who might tell her
could hear. She was quite attractive with her hair completely white and cut very
short, in a wild spike type of cut that always seemed to appear soft somehow. It
was like she was too good to be true. There was, however, no way to mistake
those hips and those breasts for anything but natural female. No surgeon could
make something like Doren. She was perfect.

I always felt like I didn't have a chance with Doren. It was if I was somehow
not worthy of her. She had captured my daydreams and my night dreams. Visions of
her beauty haunted me day and night and I was sinking into an irreversible
obsession with her. Thoughts of Doren occupied most of my idle time and all of
my sexual fantasies. I had became obsessed with her but I also knew enough not
to come on too strong. I think that this may have been what attracted Doren to
me because although I am muscular and intelligent, I am not drop dead handsome,
or at least that is my opinion.

I dated Doren once or twice but she was quiet so I never made a lot of advances
toward her at those times. Finally, when I could hold my feelings no longer, I
tried to express them. I told Doren that I loved her after one date when
everything seemed perfect and right. She replied that there were lots of things
that I didn't know about her. I told her that I didn't care about her past that
I knew enough to love her and I wanted to be part of her future. Furthermore, I
told her that there was nothing that I could learn about her that would do
anything but intensify my love for her. I told her that I felt that my love for
her at that point was unconditional. She replied that it wasn't her past that I
needed to worry about, but her present. This statement mystified me. When I
tried to continue the conversation and suggested that we spend more time
together she just evaded the subject and kept saying, "We'll see, after you are
certified by my doctor to be disease free." This response troubled me. No one
had ever made me certify my health before.

Chapter Two

Doren's car passed me on a rainy night on a weekend while I was working my
wrecker service job to help pay school expenses. I recognized her car
immediately because of my obsession with her. Doren's Pontiac
Grand-Am seemed to stall in front of me.

I was returning from a call out in the country. It was about one in the morning
and raining and I knew that Doren was in trouble when I pulled up behind her
from the sound of the starter trying to start the car. I stopped the wrecker,
checked my rear view mirrors, and backed up and stopped. I scooted over and
rolled the passenger window down and shined my flashlight into the front seat.
What I saw gave me an immediate start as Doren struggled to pull a man's dress
shirt down over her bottom. From what I could see it was all that she had on.
I turned my flashlight off and opened the door of the wrecker and climbed out in
a driving rain. Doren rolled down the
windows and I asked her if I could tow her car to safety. She stammered
something and nodded an affirmative reply. I acted as if I didn't notice her
state of dress and I pulled the wrecker in front of her car and hitched up the
tow bars. I raised the front of the car up and I took her an orange rain poncho
that was kept in the truck for emergencies. I explained that for insurance and
safety purposes she would need to ride with me in the cab of the tow truck.

She slipped the poncho over her head and then she stepped out of the car. I
noticed that she was barefoot. I opened the door of the truck and as she stepped
to climb up into the truck her foot slipped and I instinctively reached to catch
her. As my hand went under her shirt and I caught her bottom it accidentally
slipped onto her crotch. I kept her from falling. I felt bare skin and no hair.
Doren was naked under her shirt and her crotch was hairless!

She looked up at me and kissed me and our tongues met in a long, wet kiss. As
her tongue explored my mouth I realized that it was pierced. She smiled at me
when we broke off the kiss. In our previous dates she had never kissed me like
that and she always had kept her tongue in her mouth. I had never noticed her
tongue piercing before. I smiled nervously at Doren and the look in her eyes was
somehow different, somehow wilder, than when we had dated. She had a hungry
urgentness in her eyes that I had never seen before. She seemed really

I tried to rationalize the look away as a look she had because she was afraid
that she was going to get caught or arrested driving around in her car almost
nude but somehow her look was not a look of fear. It was also a look of sexual
arousal and of deep longing. It was as if the wall that she had built by being a
either a mystery or a tease had disintegrated into an intense need for

We were both very hot sexually, but still wet from the cold rain so we got into
the truck. The chemistry between us started to take on a primitive animalistic
lust. I explained that we could settle up for the tow bill when we got to her
place. Her look told me that that was exactly what she had in mind. She calmly
moved over next to me and placed her hand in my lap as we started to her place.

As I drove I was very careful not to lose control of myself or the tow truck
with Doren's car attached. Tow trucks can be tricky on wet roads at night,
especially with a vehicle attached to them. It was very difficult to keep both
hands on the wheel as Doren felt my crotch and managed to unzip my pants and
manipulate my erect member while laying her head in my lap and gently sucking on
my balls. I finally gave up and pulled the rig over at a rest stop. Just before
I came she placed her mouth around the head of my cock and sucked as she worked
her hand up and down my erect shaft. After my orgasm Doren pulled my pants up
and fastened them. She had a small amount of come left on her lips which she
wiped on her finger and then she slowly and suggestively she sucked it off.

After starting to her house I started making small talk. I candidly asked her
why she was out driving in the rain at 1 AM in the morning wearing nothing but a
long sleeve men's dress shirt. I was also concerned about her apparent
personality change but I didn't indicate it to her. She told me that that was
none of my business but she added that she was grateful that it was me who had
stopped because she knew that no harm would come to her now. She added that she
liked my style and she knew that this little incident would not be mentioned at
school because she had heard some of her female class mates talk about what a
nice person that I seemed to be. Doren confided that she trusted me and thanked
me for letting her suck me.

Doren asked me if I still loved her. I told her that she knew that I did. She
said that she hoped so because she loved me too, but the love had to be on her
terms if we were to work out. I listened to her but I only half believed her. At
that moment in her vulnerability she became even more attractive to me.

My feelings were quite confusing. I wanted to protect her like she was a little
girl and make love to her like I was a wild man at the same time. I lusted to
possess her completely, mind body and soul.

We soon arrived at her place and I backed the wrecker into her driveway. It had
stopped raining and I unhooked her car and let it down. By the time I had
finished Doren had let herself in the house and had put on a housecoat that
covered much more than the shirt did. She stood on the small porch and invited
me in as she toweled her hair. Even though the rain had stopped fall was setting
in and there was a chill in the air. I told her that I would be back after I
returned the truck because I wasn't on call the rest of the night. Doren
insisted on coming with me and went back into the house to get ready. When she
came back out to the tow truck she had a long leather coat on and black high

We took the truck back and as I checked the truck in Doren went to wait in my
car. I got out of the tow truck, locked it up and signed it in as was the
custom. We got into my car and I drove Doren to her house and she constantly
flashed me from her side of the front seat. She was completely nude under the
leather coat. When Doren and I got back to her place she shed her leather trench
coat. Doren's perfectly proportioned body was adorned with a tattoo of a parrot
whose beak extended into her hairless crotch between her vaginal lips. I was
taken by surprise that she had a tattoo. The tattoo was brightly colored with oranges, reds, greens, lavenders
and other colors. It was a beautiful thing and very ornate. I wondered how long
it took to do and how many times she had laid with her beautiful legs wide apart
and her naked hairless crotch open to the person who tattooed her. I wondered
what else might have transpired during those sessions. Her entire lower pelvic
region was completely bare except for the tattoo that stopped inside her
Doren's breasts were large, at least a 36-C. Her nipples were erect and stood
out from her areola and were about the size of the tip of my little finger. The
skin on her chest was young, smooth and flawless. Her breasts never looked as
big compressed under her tops in school. Doren's waist was very small in
proportion to her hips. It seemed unnaturally small. Her hips flared out and her
buttocks were full, firm and fit nicely with her proportions. In short, she was
more stunning nude than she was dressed.

I took Doren into my arms and pressed her nakedness to me. It was quite
titillating holding her like that when she was completely naked and I was fully

Chapter Three

Suddenly the front door burst open and in walked a middle-aged man and woman
that obviously were aquatinted with Doren. It must have been two or so in the
morning by then and the thought crossed my mind that this night was getting just
too weird. The middle-aged man with gray in his hair smiled and looked at Doren
in her glorious nakedness. Doren stood proudly at first and with her breasts
thrust out and her flat stomach slowly giving rise to the ornamented mound of
her sex. Something seemed to come over Doren after a moment and she hung her
shoulders and bowed her head with her eyes staring at the floor. Then the man
spoke with a voice of authority.

"Doren, are you going to introduce us to your new friend?"

Doren stammered something inaudible still looking down.

"So, you don't even know his name, do you, you little slut!"

The man's voice was tinged with a tone of contempt. I suspected that he might be
her father from his air of authority but something seemed terribly wrong with
that idea. This thought lasted about as a drop of water on a hot grill and was
gone when I realized Doren's lack of an attempt to cover her nakedness. It was
getting much too wild for me. I moved over just out of his reach and looked him
straight in the eye and said something like get the hell out of here while
you're still able.

In my mind I was planning my attack as I had been taught so long ago in the
Special Forces which I joined after my best friend helped end my first marriage
by sleeping with my wife.
Doren glared at me and sensing that I was about to do something in her defense

"Sit down and be quiet."

She probably saved his life or at the very least saved him from very serious
permanently crippling injury. I had intended to leave him an excuse to obtain
handicapped license plates and social security disability. Doren grabbed my arm, rubbed those wonderful breasts
of hers against me and made me sit down on her couch. My adrenaline rush turned
into a huge erection. Doren walked over to the couple in the middle of her
living room and then she hung her head again.

"Am I to be punished?" she stammered.

Soon her makeup started running with her tears. The couple stood and stared at
Doren's nude form. Doren's mixed tears and eye makeup dripped down on her large
bare breasts and they shook with her sobs. I couldn't believe my senses.
Suddenly I realized I was on the verge of experiencing something that I had only
read about in books. Reality crashed in. Doren was behaving like a willing sex
slave! Such things had never turned me on until this point. Doren had changed
all of that.

"Well Doren, spread your legs bend over and let me see how wet you are," the
woman said. "Hurry up, turn around so your friend can see and bend over."

Doren raised her head up and a look of embarrassment was in her eyes as she
covered her breasts by crossing her arms and looked briefly at me. It was
incredible that she had any modesty left especially considering what she was
showing all of us. Doren complied. She slowly turned her back toward me and bent
over and grabbed her ankles. The woman told Doren to spread her legs further
apart. She commented to me how it had taken two years of electrolysis to remove
all of the hair out of the area between Doren's cheeks and on her anus, crotch
and legs. She also said how good it looked and now only very fine hair would try
to grow back in. She explained to me how Doren had to go every two weeks and lay
naked with her legs apart while undergoing hair removal. She told me as she held
the two perfect globes of Doren's cheeks apart that Doren would only have to wax
herself once a week to keep it that way in the future when she was finished with
the modifications. She didn't say what it was that Doren had to have modified,

I wondered what hold these two people who had to be in their 40's had on Doren,
a beautiful dream of a woman of 21. What would make Doren consent to any sexual
demands these people made on her? Why did Doren subject herself to public
humiliations at their hands? I felt that I should be Doren's hero and save her
from such treatment but something deep inside me told me that Doren would stop
me from doing that.

After the woman opened her purse she raised her hand and snapped a rubber glove
on. Then, after lubricating the glove with a small bottle of baby oil and asking
"What's your name son?" she impaled Doren's vaginal opening and explored it with
two fingers of her gloved right hand.

Doren moaned audibly and her knees shook but she held her ankles tight with her
hands and kept her legs spread well apart while remaining bent over. I replied,
"James but all my friends call me Jim".

"Well, Jim, would you like to come over here and see how wet Doren is?" At this
point Doren was crying and I was completely shocked. I guess Doren's tears was
from the embarrassment from the treatment that she was enduring in front of me
more than from the treatment itself. Doren's obedience to this couple upset me.
I could not bear to see Doren abused in this manner even though I knew that
Doren would not allow me to intervene. The woman was soon pumping Doren's cunt
with all four fingers of her gloved right hand while running her thumb into
Doren's tight little asshole. Doren was moaning and trembling with each new
thrust. Then Doren finally came with a deep moan and a shudder that shook her
whole body. The woman steadied Doren with her ungloved hand as Doren's knees
trembled, she lost her balance and started to fall.

After Doren had came the intruding hand still impaled her and the woman still
supported Doren at her thin little waist. The gloved thumb was also being used
now along with the fingers to run in and out of Doren's privates. Doren
shuddered as the thrusting stopped and a slow deliberate assault on Doren's
nether region began again. The whole hand slowly worked its way completely into
Doren's pussy as Doren started begging hysterically for her to stop. Doren
screamed as the intruding hand disappeared into her and then she shuddered again
in a second climax. The hand slowly emerged from Doren's
nether passage as soon as she stopped shaking.

The man with the gray in his hair observing the spectacle said, "Jim, I am John
and that is my wife Janelle." "Doren requested training from us and now she has
requested release from her training because she met you. There are certain
conditions that must be met. If you truly love Doren as she believes you do
you must comply if she is to be yours".

Janelle's manipulations of Doren's crotch soon had Doren wailing in the throes
of yet another orgasm. Janelle seemed to be unaffected as if she masturbated and
molested Doren in this manner on a regular basis.

John asked me to accompany him and Doren said, "Jim, please go" in between her
moans and sobs. John and I walked out on the scene of Doren's violation. John
and I got into his Mercedes. John explained that we were headed to a 24-hour
restaurant for breakfast and that Janelle and Doren were going to join us

Chapter four

In the car John explained that if I didn't consent to his requests and follow
his instructions explicitly, that Doren would never again have anything to do
with me and that most probably she would leave town and I would never see her
again. The thought of this happening made me shrivel up inside. I must have
asked John a hundred questions about Doren and her circumstances. John answered
all of the questions truthfully and indicated if I agreed to their requests,
Doren has said she would be mine forever and that she would belong to me, but
only after they were finished with her. He indicated that it would all be over
soon and then Doren and I would never see either him or Janelle again after they
returned in to make sure the markings Doren agreed to were properly done. He
said they would return if we requested it but only if we requested it. I asked
John what type of marking he was talking about and he replied that Doren was
going to have to tell me.

After we were in the restaurant a while and had consumed several cups of coffee
the conversation had started to lull. I looked up and Doren and Janelle were
walking in the door. These two women would have turned heads anywhere. Janelle
was striking although somewhat shorter than Doren's 5'10" frame. As they made
their way to the booth where John and I were sitting I noticed that Doren was
not walking as she usually did. Her steps were shorter and her hips did not move
with the same confident sway that they usually had.

Doren had on the leather trench coat and high heels again. Janelle was stunning.
Her light, pale features contrasted with Doren's tan. Janelle smiled and took
off her coat and handed it to John revealing a smart suit outfit. She looked at me and snickered saying, "Please excuse
Doren because she won't be removing her coat". Doren's head bowed slightly and
she said nothing. Doren slowly slid into the booth beside me sitting down very
slowly and gingerly. She gasped slightly as her bottom touched the seat.
Doren looked me in the eye and leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Please
don't say anything and try to act as normally as you can. Janelle wants me to do
this." With that Doren reached across my lap with one hand and grabbed my jacket
that I had laid in the corner of the booth. With her right hand she laid the
jacket across my lap. The table at the booth where we sat was out of the main
area of the restaurant, somewhat high, and it wasn't apparent what was happening
underneath it. Doren unbuckled my pants with one hand, unzipped me and hauled
out my rising cock. As Doren slowly started stroking my erection she leaned over
and put her head on my left shoulder. She stopped stroking momentarily as the
waitress came to warm up our coffee.

As I tried to look like nothing was happening John ordered all of our
breakfasts. The waitress sat the coffee down on the table and reached into the
pocket of her apron to get an order pad. The whole time the waitress was taking
our order from John Doren's right index finger was rubbing the very sensitive
underside of my cock right below my cock head. As she put the order pad back into her apron and picked
up the coffee pot Doren rubbed the palm of her hand over the head of my cock
which was lubricates by copious amounts of pre-cum causing an involuntary moan
to escape from my mouth. Realizing what I had done I leaned forward and put my
head in my hands. The waitress looked at me said, "Sir, are you all right?"

John looked at her and said, "I think he has a headache and the lady has had a
little too much to drink. Could you please bring us some aspirin when
you come back?" Seemingly satisfied with the explanation, the waitress nodded
affirmatively and went toward the kitchen.

When the waitress had gone Doren started stroking me again. I had almost lost my
erection under the circumstances and I remembered reading about risky public sex
in a magazine one time and I wondered why people would do such a thing and risk
getting caught. I really believed that people made up such things but now under
the circumstances I wasn't so sure. Janelle looked at me, broke a big grin and

"Well, Jim -- are we having fun yet?"

I stammered, "I'll let you know later."

Under normal circumstances I would have had an orgasm by mow but the feelings
that arose in me were unique, new and confusing. I had experienced fear of
discovery, embarrassment, sexual excitement, sexual stimulation and detumescence
in rapid succession and I was forced to hold everything back and to try to
appear like nothing had happened. Everything was building up inside me so that I
knew that when I came it would be like nothing else I had ever experienced.
After about fifteen minutes of expert hand manipulations I was on the brink once
again. The waitress returned with our breakfasts and aspirin. After she had
turned and walked about 20 feet away my orgasm started. I felt like I was going
to flood the coat out of my lap. The sensations and feelings were heightened by
my efforts to keep the look of arousal off of my face.

Janelle commented, "My Jim, your face looks flushed. Are you running a fever?"

John kept eating his eggs and dipped his toast in the liquid
yellow yolk seeming unaffected by the events that were taking place under the
table. Doren's head went under my coat in my lap. With great difficulty bending
down to get her head low enough she started licking my cock to clean things up.
Doren's head finally came out from under the jacket and she started eating her
breakfast. When I looked at her my love glaze was mixed with the white glaze
from the honey bun that she had started eating.

Chapter five

I finished cleaning my self up with napkins from the table that I placed in my
jacket pocket after I zipped up my pants and adjusted my clothes. I felt very
sorry for Doren and all the humiliation that she was enduring. At the same time
I was excited by the sexual delights that she had given me and by the prospect
for more of the same as time progressed. I felt the power of having used her in
that manner. It was intoxicating and addictive.

My feelings for Doren were becoming strong beyond all reason. I would have done
any deed she asked of me at that moment but somehow I knew that she was not
capable of making any demands of me. She was completely happy and fulfilled in
her condition and situation. It was if all time had stopped and all the things
that had happened in the eons of history and all the things that might happen in
the future were meaningless. Only that moment of orgasm mattered. We left the
restaurant and headed for the parking lot. Janelle and Doren had driven a
mini-van and Janelle handed me the keys. She told me that she and John would be
by to pick up the van in the morning.

Janelle turned to Doren. "You will have to ride home without the leather coat,
Doren" Janelle smiled.

Reluctantly, Doren took off the leather coat. The dimness of the light in the
back of the parking lot revealed that all she had on besides the high-heeled
shoes was a tight fitting corset that left both her breasts uncovered and her
shaven pubis and exotic tattoo visible to anyone who looked. A belt-like
apparatus with a strap between her legs held a dildo in her front side and a
plug in her beautiful bottom.

It was apparent to me now that John and Janelle had reduced the size of Doren's
waist through corset training. Doren got into the van and as she sat her bottom
down very slowly she shut the door so that her condition would be hidden by the
darkness after the van's courtesy lights went out when the door shut.

John looked at me from the window of his car and said, "We'll call you tomorrow
after we arrange for Doren's markings." "She'll tell you what she has to have
done or rather what she wants to have done tonight and you are free to do as you
please until tomorrow when we will again require your presence for tomorrows
festivities." Having said that John sped off with Janelle. Janelle and John had
got into the car while I was observing Doren.

I stood there thinking that Doren had a lot of explaining to do. But maybe no
explanation was necessary. Probably none was possible. Sometimes it is best to
experience life rather than to try to explain it. The communication between her
and I that night required no words. I got into the van and again marveled at
Doren's beautiful body. Doren looked into my eyes as I started the van. In the
cool night air Doren's nipples were so erect that I knew they must soon start to
ache. Her body was covered with goose-bumps and she was shivering slightly. I
turned the car heater on high. She asked me with a pleading look in her eyes to
please hurry home and not to hit any large bumps because she had things inside
her front and rear. I asked Doren if we could get her out of some of the
unpleasant thing that she had in her and on her. Doren leaned over slightly so
that she could get the tight corset off. It was then that I noticed that her
belt-harness, which held the objects inside her, was locked. Doren told me that
Janelle had left the keys back home. I took my jacket off and placed it around
Doren to try to keep her warm and to provide her with some cover in case someone
should notice her lack of clothing and her vulnerable, submissive condition. I
carefully drove off into the night avoiding as many stretches of rough road as I

When we arrived at Doren's place she still had my jacket around her shoulders.
Her breasts were covered but she was still naked except for the locked belt. The
insides of her thighs were wet from her arousal. Her prominent tattoo and her
hairless mound caused me to have another erection as I looked at it being spread
by the front part of the belt. As soon as we got inside her of house I assisted
her in removing the belt. When we got the lock off she sighed with another
orgasm as I removed the dildo from her cunt. Then I tenderly and carefully
removed the butt plug from her rear. She gave me a big hug and a very sensual kiss without opening her mouth. We were
both spent and laid naked in bed and hugged for a long time before falling off
to sleep.

Chapter Six

With the light of the morning shining warmly through the bedroom window I asked
Doren about what marks she was to have. Doren reluctantly with watery eyes
talked about the marking that she wanted to wear and what she would have to
endure to wear it. Doren had consented to having her clitoris pierced along with
her nipples. The clitoris piercing Doren explained as an unusual type that would
involve piercing her from an area inside of her urethra and coming out her clit.
Through this
piercing she would wear a permanent ring. Eventually it would be stretched after
the healing process was complete so that a larger ring could be worn in it. The
initial piercing was to be done tomorrow. She looked at me and said that she
wanted me to assist in her piercing.

"What makes you think that I would consent to such a thing?" I replied. "I don't
want you to do anything that might injure your pleasure center."

Doren simply stated "It's my body and I'll do with it as I please. If you love
me and I want you to do it for me you should do what I want and not try to
control my feelings, desires and needs.It's my way of giving you something
that I haven't given anyone" she added, "I haven't been a virgin for a long
time." I looked into Doren's eyes. She was teary-eyed and at this point I would
have agreed to do anything for her. Doren told me that she wanted horizontal
piercings in her nipples and that she would also wear rings in them. I told her
that nipple ring outlines would show under all of her tube tops. She replied,

Doren was completely awake by now and she turned down the covers and spread her
cunt lips to show me exactly how her piercing would be done. She told me that
she would also be tied down to keep her still because she was worried that she
would move and that something would be damaged more than it had to be. Doren
explained that she would wear rings in her all of her piercings until they were
healed and she would be too sore to make love for a while.

After a period of time the she told me that she would like for me have her
pierced again and a process called infibulation performed so that I could place
locks in her lower lips and carry the keys around my neck when we were apart.
Doren seemed obsessed with the piercings and appeared to be quite aroused as she
discussed them. She told me about how I could assist in helping her with the
cleaning process to prevent infection.
I was starting to really wish that Doren would not subject herself to this. I
realized that this was her decision though and I decided that if I loved her I
had to let her do what would make her happy. We started making love and Doren
first took a superior position and climaxed as soon as I penetrated her. She
threw her head back and I thought for a moment that she would pass out. I
reached up and grabbed her and rolled her over so that I was on the top. Before
I climaxed Doren experienced several more orgasms. We laid in each other's arms
in the blissful afterglow and she looked me in the eyes and asked me to do her

As soon as I was capable I started by kissing her and gently turning her over. I
gently massaged her tiny asshole with Vaseline and dilated her very slowly and
gently so that she did not tear or experience any discomfort as she had the
previous night with the butt plug. She moaned the whole time I possessed her
until I climaxed deep inside her rectum. She was extremely tight and she had
several orgasms during the time we were making love. I reached around her and
gently massaged her clitoris and fingered her cunt to help her climax. It was
about 9 in the morning before we finally drifted off to sleep again in each
other's arms. We just held each other the rest of that day and hunger for food
never entered our minds. The next morning while in the shower we carefully
washed each other's genitalia and had sex under the warm water standing up.

We went out for an uneventful breakfast and returned to spend the rest of the
day having more sex. I lost count of how many times we did it that day and how
many orgasms we each had. Doren had come many more times than me and I pleasured
her orally each time after I came until I could manage to get erect again. When
we finally fell asleep that evening Doren and I was still coupled. Doren was
warm and tight and I remember thinking as I drifted off to sleep that I wish
that we could stay that way forever.

Chapter Seven

Doren and I awoke the next day at about 1 in the afternoon. We sleepily went
into her shower again. Several long wet kisses in the shower caused the
excitement to begin anew in both of us. Slowly Doren turned to face the
showerhead and I entered her love canal from behind. The slow sex that followed
left both of us breathless and spent once again. After a slow meticulous soaping
and rinsing by Doren I exited the shower.
I shaved my face and rinsed off Doren asked me to shave the places that she
couldn't see. Doren layed back and spread her legs with her butt on the toilet
and leaned back with her elbows on the tub holding up her torso. After playfully
tonguing her parrot tattoo I used hand soap and lathered up her perinum, anus
and vaginal lips. As I slowly and carefully shaved the finely fuzzed areas she
couldn't reach without a mirror her I purposely toyed with her clitoris. I soon
finished shaving her and enjoyed the look of pleasure on her face as she came
with my thumb on her clit, three fingers in her vagina and my little finger
buried up to my knuckle in her ass.

I told Doren that she would have to bend over the tub and hold her cheeks apart.
Doren complied dreamily basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. I slowly
introduced first one then two fingers into her ass. Doren didn't complain but
instead held herself open. Soon, with the help of a tube of petroleum jelly-like
lubricant I had four fingers of my hand up Doren's ass to the knuckles. I spread
more lubricant on my thumb and slowly worked it into her rapidly loosening
sphincter. Doren moaned constantly and her moans would turn to low wails
whenever I increased pressure. I reached around to massage Doren's clit and she
came. My hand was too big to slip inside of her ass. Doren finally asked me to
stop and I slowly worked my fingers out of her. When it came out Doren lay there
over the tub panting with sweat all over her. Her rectum was dilated to about
the size of a quarter. It slowly contracted to normal as she lay there over the
bathtub panting.
After the shower Doren wrapped a towel around her. I went to the bedroom and got
dressed. Doren wore her towel around until she dried. At this point Doren took
off the towel and stayed nude.

Soon a key opened the front door and John and Janelle came in. They were not
surprised to see Doren nude and they acted as if nothing was unusual. Janelle
spoke first. "Doren, we have an appointment for you to be pierced tonight at 12
Midnight as soon as the place closes." Doren seemed calm and John went to
Doren's closet and selected platform sandals and a light raincoat for her to
wear. Doren understood that she was to be nude under the coat and that the pair
of shoes and coat was all she would wear on the trip to be pierced. By this time
it was Saturday about 6 P.M. John helped Doren on with her coat and Doren
slipped on her shoes. I donned my jacket and we all went outside. John and
Janelle had hired a limousine for the occasion. The chauffeur was a tall
muscularly built black man in a starched and pressed uniform. John had me sit in
the very back seat of the limousine and pulled down a jump seat that faced
toward the back. Janelle sat down beside me and John helped Doren into the jump
seat that faced Janelle and me. John then sat next to Doren and shut the door.
Janelle looked into Doren's eyes and commanded, "Strip and spread!" Doren
blushed again as she promptly removed the coat and sandals and sat them down
beside her. She raised her eyes and looked at me as she spread her legs apart as
far as she could. I thought to myself that Doren must still be embarrassed to be
nude and sexually compromised. That was when I realized her fascination with
being pierced went along with the embarrassment of her nudity. It was a reason
to be nude, to show off her modifications. I didn't care if Doren never wore
clothes. She looked so good without them I thought to myself that society made
beauties like her wear clothes to keep from embarrassing those who looked worse.
Doren was the most beautiful when she was completely naked.

Janelle said." Doren, if you don't come for us at least twice before we get to
supper I am also going to have your nasal septum pierced. Then you will have to
wear gold chains ran from it to your ear rings so that you can be led around
like the little bitch in heat that you are. Doren's hand slowly went to work
gently toying with her pleasure centers as we all watched. Doren seemed sad as
she slowly masturbated for us. Gradually her nipples became erect and she
started moaning. Slowly at first and in short gasps and then more quickly as her
orgasm consumed her.

Chapter 8

Doren came four times on the way to be supper. The third time she moaned so loud
that the limo driver ran off the road when he diverted his attention to the back
looking in the rearview mirror to see what he could see of Doren. We paid little
attention to where we were going. Supper was another arousing experience. John
instructed Doren to get dressed and everyone including the limo driver went into
the restaurant to eat. After supper Doren accompanied the limo driver outside. I
knew what was going to transpire next. John, Janelle and I remained in the
restaurant and had several drinks while Doren I later learned serviced the limo
driver. John had previously had a physician check the limo driver for HIV or
venereal diseases. He was negative. John had assured him that I was disease free

After resuming our journey Doren was again made to "strip and spread" but this
time John threw Doren's shoes and raincoat out of the window of the limo leaving
Doren completely nude with no clothing at all to wear. Doren resumed her sad
countenance as she remained on display to us. Her hairless crotch dripped the
limo driver's semen for the rest of the trip. We pulled up in an alley behind
the piercing studio and Janelle got out to make sure that it was all right to
lead Doren inside in the nude. When Doren was informed that she would remain in
the nude for the rest of the week tears welled up in her eyes. Janelle told her
not to be silly because she looked so good naked. Janelle then tweaked both of
Doren's nipples causing them to be very erect and bringing a look of anguish to
Doren's face. Although she remained silent Doren's tears flowed heavily now. As
Doren got out of the limo in the alley to enter the piercing establishment she
looked terrified in the dim light. I was surprised at myself because all of my
protective feelings toward Doren had disappeared and I was becoming aroused at
her abuse. Doren's coat and shoes were back on the side of the road somewhere
and now she was led by the hand by John, her large breasts bouncing gracefully
high lighted by her red erect nipples as she walked.

Once inside Janelle motioned for me to follow them and escorted into the Doren
to the restroom where she was subjected to a disposable douche while I watched.
The douche was repeated while Janelle made Doren spread her legs and straddle a
toilet. Doren was then subjected to a large enema and made to defecate. This
procedure was repeated until only clear water ran back out. Next came the
douching. After several minutes of douching Doren was led into the hall, her
vagina still dripping and douche running down her legs. We then entered into a
large room with bright lights and mirrors. The places for the piercings were
scrubbed with disinfectant and marked by the man who would do her piercings. On
her nipples a black marker was used as she stood nude in front of a large
full-length mirror with John and I holding her hands.

John then informed Doren that he had decided that she would have her navel
pierced that night with a ring to match her ear rings and a 2- gauge ring was to
be placed in her left labia majora in addition to her other piercings. John then
looked at me and told me that as a present to me he had a special chain and disk
with my name engraved on it that would hang down from the two gauge piercing
between Doren's legs. He went on to explain that all of the ornaments would make
it impossible for Doren to wear either underwear or any type of pants but very
loose ones. John explained that Doren could not have any sex for at least six
weeks after the piercings but with a stifled chuckle said that she could give
all the blowjobs that she wanted. Doren looked at him and then looked at me with
that helpless look in her eyes knowing that she would submit to whatever John

Doren was to have five piercings in all that night. Both nipples, a navel ring,
a scalpelled 2 gauge labia majora and the clitoral piercing with a ring
vertically through her urethra and clitoris. Janelle was concerned with
recording the event on a video camera. In the middle of the room an upholstered
leather surgical type table was placed so that the stirrups were facing toward
the mirror. Several video cameras were set up to record the events to transpire
from different angles in addition to the camera that Janelle was operating. By
this time Doren was blushing all over.

The piercer was a muscular looking man with a bald shaved head and a crooked
smile. He had tattoos on each side of his head that resembled lightning bolts.
His arms sported bright colorful tattoos in various patterns. Up from his
sandaled feet black tribal tattoos ornamented his calves. Several tattoos
disappeared under his knee high cut off jeans. He talked quietly to Doren and
seemed to put her at ease as John and I let go of her hands and her arms and
torso was strapped down to the chair. Dorens's feet were placed in the stirrups
and I noticed that her toenail polish was chipped on her right big toe as I
wrapped an elastic bandage around her foot securing it to the stirrup. John
wrapped the other foot in a similar manner. We then taped the end of the bandage
down with nylon adhesive tape. The piercer spread Doren's legs as far as the
table went forcing Doren's legs straight out and widely spread in a position
resembling the splits that high school cheer leaders do. Doren's arms were
secured straight down to the bottom of the table near the floor. Her mid section
was secured to the table with a thick leather belt. The lips of Doren's sex was
thus parted and I could see that in addition to becoming excited because she was
dripping natural lubrication and the colored douche was gone. Her sex lips were
swollen, moist and taking on a slightly pinker hue.

Doren was thus rendered completely vulnerable and her genitalia displayed.
Doren's head was raised by Jackie a young girl who appeared to be barely 18 who
worked at the front desk. Doren could see over her breasts into the large mirror
reflecting the spectacle of her open sex. The girl took a wash basin, donned
rubber gloves and using a bulb syringe performed yet another douche on Doren as
she lay there helpless, spread and sore. First Jackie lubricated the nozzle and
inserted the tip into Doren's open sex. A flood of liquid was forced up Doren's
vagina and bathed her womb with a mild, warm anti-microbial solution. Then the
tip was withdrawn so that Doren could drain into the pan that was placed under
her between her wide spread legs. The procedure was repeated two more times.
Doren turned her head and closed her eyes after she watched the fluid drain from
her into the pan in the mirror following the first douche. More soreness was yet
to come that night. Doren was again subjected to a surgical type prep scrub but
this time to her perineal area that left a brown stain that was partially rinsed
off with sterile saline. Another tattoo artist had entered the room along with
the limo driver and I felt like I should do something to cover Doren's nakedness
and put an end to the wanton display of her secret parts for all of those fully
clothed people. The humiliation of Doren's public douching by a stranger was
again causing me to have feelings that were difficult to describe. Although I
realized that Doren wanted to be on display, part of me wanted to protect her
from what was happening. In a peculiar way I was being sexually stimulated and
part of me wanted to do Doren in front of all those present. At the same time I
wanted to rescue her from her decidedly sexual predicament. Doren's eyes opened
to once again confront her reflection and her countenance took on a look of calm
acceptance. She was truly beautiful in her wide open naked splendor as she
viewed the image of her own large breasts and prominent nipples in full
erection, her hairless condition with her legs opened wide and her privates
displayed for all to see. Her unmarked flesh was soon to be ringed and pierced.
She was to be a sacrifice to the piercer's needle and scalpel.

The piercer stimulated Doren's clitoris and the same black marker that was used
on her breasts was again utilized to mark the top of her clitoris for the
piercing. Doren closed her eyes and submitted to the sexual stimulation of the

The piercer then started the preparation for the first pierce. After scrubbing
his hands in a sink in the room for what seemed an eternity he pushed a small
stainless steel cart with wheels over to the place where Doren was strapped to
and proceeded to carefully open a sterile pack. He carefully put a brown soap
solution in a small pan in the pack taking care not to touch it. A stainless
steel tool was then removed from a small package and used to pick up gauze from
the pack. The gauze was immersed in the brownish solution. The piercer looked at
Doren and said, "this will feel cold again". Slowly and meticulously he cleaned
Doren's nipples, first the right and then the left using the gauze after it was
immersed in the solution. After one gauze was used to slowly scrub one of
Doren's nipples in circular motions from the tip working his way out to the
areola, the gauze was dropped in a plastic lined trash can and the actions was
repeated using a fresh gauze. This was repeated three times for each nipple. The
stainless steel tool was placed in the sink. Again Doren's nipples were rinsed
with alcohol. Meanwhile as Doren laid naked strapped to the table her chest
slowly dried as the piercer opened the sterile packs dumping their contents on
to the pack that he had opened previously. Several needles, corks and rings were
opened along with a ring spreader and a pair of pliers. The piercer removed his
gloves, again washed his hands and donned yet another pair of sterile gloves
using a sterile technique. Doren shivered out of nervousness. After admonishing
Doren to take in some deep breaths, he deliberately tweaked the end of Doren's
right nipple and pulled her breast up. He then picked up a needle and pushed it
directly through the center of the black mark on the inside of the nipple close
to the base and in a second or two it emerged from the black mark on the outside
of Doren's right nipple. Doren's skin seemed almost like rubber as the needle
cut its hole out of the outside of Doren's nipple. I thought that my heart would
leap from my chest as I watched Doren naked, spread and helpless having her
right nipple pierced. Doren gritted her teeth, squinted her eyes and moaned in
pain. Tears welled up in her eyes when she opened them and she looked at me.
Doren's tears started to flow and she bit her bottom lip slightly. A drop of
blood formed on the inside of the right nipple as the piercer replaced the
needle with a sterilized ring. I watched in silence as he bent the ring to
remove the slight spiral and place a ball in the gap in the ring. I felt an
erection and I knew that it would last as long as the piercer was piercing
Doren's naked body in all the intimate places. I could not imagine how I would
feel when I was required to pierce Doren's most sensitive area that I had
promised her that I would. The needle was again in position to pierce the other
nipple. The same procedure was repeated on Doren's left nipple. As the needle
went through Doren's left nipple Doren opened her mouth wide enough to display
her pierced tongue and let out a moan that sounded as if she was in pain but had
a faint tinge of sexual tension to it. Doren now sobbed in earnest as the
piercer replaced the needle with the ring and used the tool to crimp the small
metal ball into place on the left side. The rings with the balls in place made
them appear seamless. First on the right nipple and then on the left a sterile
gauze was applied to absorb whatever blood might come from the piercings.

Next came the navel pierce. After Doren settled down the piercer asked Doren if
she was ready to continue. Doren nodded her head to the affirmative again biting
her lower lip softly. She looked so lovely as she bore her pain. After the
cleansing procedure with the brown soap the piercer carefully placed a clamp
with a rubber band on the handle right in the middle of Doren's tight navel. In
a smooth motion Doren watched the needle pierce the flesh of her belly and come
back out stretching the skin obscenely before finally breaking through on the
other side. Doren had watery eyes again as her ring was placed through the new
navel hole and closed in the same manner as the ones in her nipples were.
Strangely, lubrication was flowing from her and her sex appeared swollen with
arousal. The piercer motioned for me to join him. As Doren laid still spread he
instructed me in how to wash my hands and don sterile gloves. Doren watched as I
gently washed the area around her clitoris and urethra with the antibiotic soap.
I stood to the side so that she could see her hairless cunt in the mirror as I
performed the cleaning necessary before the piercing. The soap mingled with her
vaginal secretions as suddenly she let out a large cry as she strained against
her bindings. I stopped cleaning her so that she would not orgasm. After Doren
backed away from the brink of coming I continued to wash her gently as Jackie
stood by her head and gently wiped the perspiration from her forehead and
lightly ran her fingers through Doren's short white hair. It was the only hair
on Doren's body except for her eyebrows and eyelashes. Soon Doren strained
against her bonds and I had to stop again to prevent her from climaxing. After
Doren had settled down the piercer stepped between Doren and the mirror and
spread her sex with his gloved left hand. I picked up the special curved needle
guide and he guided my hand with the needle guide in it with his right hand
until it just started to enter Doren's urethra. I looked into Doren's eyes and a
look of dread, sexual stimulation and anticipation came from her face that is
difficult to describe in words. I looked at Doren's sex and I knew that it would
never be quite the same after I pierced her. It was clear by that time that we
both wanted it to happen. My dread of seeing her go through with this and her
dread of going through it had became one. Our souls had melded into one for that
brief moment right before she allowed me the honor of piercing her most
intimate, private place. The piercer told me when I placed the receiving tube
into her urethra not to go in too far. Doren strained against her bonds once
again but this time she was attempting to lift her pelvis off of the table to
meet the tube that I held. At the appropriate place he told me to stop and to
insert the curved needle into the guide and to push the needle through so that
it came through the glans of Doren's clitoris. In one swift motion I pierced
her. She strained hard against her ties once more and let out a loud scream as
she finally climaxed. Tears welled up in her eyes and I knew at that moment that
they were tears of pleasure. Her pelvis rose up about four inches off of the
table. Doren shuddered spasmodically for about 20 seconds but it seemed like an
eternity. Her pain mingled with what appeared to be an orgasm but it lasted a
long time. It was turned out that this orgasm was the last one that she would
have for several weeks. She seemed to go into a stupor after that. If indeed
that was what it was I would never know. Doren would tell me later that it was
an unbelievable orgasm right after the clitoral piercing. I will never forget
the way that her clitoris stretched right before the needle popped out of it.
She did tell me that she didn't even remember the 2 gauge labia piercing which
followed which was done with a scalpel because the clitoris piercing was so
intense. When I ask she always smiles and tells me that it was a pleasure of the
greatest intensity to allow me, the man she loved, to pierce her clitoris. Even
now I always ask her if she faked the big one that day. She just smiles when I
ask and asks me in return to explain how I thought that she faked her vaginal
wetness. It was true that she didn't even seem to feel the scalpel cut into her
labia majora or the sutures that followed during the scalpelled pierce. After
the clitoral piercing Doren had passed into a catatonic state of not responding
and maintained a glassy-eyed stare. Jackie had a stethoscope around her neck and
removed it to check Doren's vital signs and to check her for signs of shock. I
would classify this as a significant endorphin high. Doren rode the endorphins
and the orgasmic afterglow the rest of the evening. She was oblivious to pain. I
wondered again why Doren had subjected herself to this ordeal, the humiliation
of laying naked, with her pink hairless sex spread open wide for all to see
while undergoing the piercing of her sexual pleasure centers. All the while
fully clothed people looked on curiously, some not fully understanding Doren's
need to have these things done or physiological aftermath of pleasure. Doren had
to be in her element at the time. Jackie, as it turned out, was a nurse. After
she closely monitored Doren's pulse and blood pressure. After Jackie was
satisfied that Doren was O.K., she told the piercer that he could finish up. He
promptly inserted a curved barbell in the fresh clitoral piercing. Doren smiled
when he was finished like a person who had had consumed too much alcohol.

I moved from between Doren's legs and the piercer proceeded with the clamps and
the scalpel to perform the cut for the pierce of Doren's right labia majora. No
one had said a word up until this point, but all had been watching in
fascination at all that Doren had endured and her lusty reaction to what they
perceived as torture. I started to become woozy as the blood started to flow
from the cut in Doren's outer sex lip from the final piercing that she had to
endure. Doren laid there seeming oblivious to the world, but yet observing the
procedure as if she were having some sort of an out of body experience, Janelle
and John led me outside into the night air. We left Doren in the capable hands
of Jack the piercer, Jackie the young nurse and the transfixed eyes of the limo
driver. The other tattoo artist seemed in a trance as Doren looked on seemingly
from ga ga land in a daze that mad me wonder if she has sustained brain damage.

Soon after all the piercings were completed and the appropriate jewelry had been
inserted, I had recovered enough so that they were sure that I was not going to
faint. We all converged on Doren to remove her bindings. We made sure that she
was awake but I had to carry her to the limo for the trip home because she was
still riding the crest of the high from the piercing procedures. She seemed
light as a feather and I again acquired an erection. We were sent home with some
oral antibiotics that Jackie provided from her private stock and strict cleaning
instructions for all of Doren's new piercings. We also had more instructions not
to attempt or even to think about trying to masturbate for Doren or for me to
have penetrating sex with her for at least 6 weeks. We would be allowed to do
that only after Jackie had pronounced Doren healed from her ordeal. Jackie left
her phone number with us in case we had any trouble. We were to call if the
blood soaked through the labia piercing because Jack had some trouble getting
the bleeding to stop after he pierced her. Jackie took our address so that she
could come and inspect Doren's piercings as they healed. We also had aftercare
instructions for cleaning the piercings and how to care for them to make them
heal quickly and to lessen the risk of infection.

After they let us out of the limo I helped Doren, still in the nude, walk into
the house. Her walk was different and she walked with her legs apart as the
dressing on the labia pierce and the fresh clitoral pierce would not let her put
her legs too close together. The special disk with my name could not be inserted
until the labia piercing healed. Doren would stay in the nude for the next three
weeks. The next day Jackie came in and dressed all of Doren's fresh piercings. I
disposed of the blood soaked bandages. She showed us how to care for the
piercings. There was more blood on the labia piercing than on the others. After
the first week day there was little blood on any of the dressings and all we did
was clean away the crusties so that they would not become infected useing the
traditional piercing aftercare. Doren was instructed to wear adult disposable
diapers until she healed sufficiently to stop leaking discharges from her
genitalia piercings. I would not have done so well from the instructions alone
without Jackie's help. Jackie came every day to care for Doren. Doren mostly
laid around naked with her legs spread apart and watched T.V. with her diaper
under her but pulled down so that I could see everything. We joked about going
on Springer every day as we watched the guests and audience. The less she moved
the less the fresh piercings bothered her. We joked about going on Oprah but we
knew that no one would understand. Doren told that in her present condition
since she could not wear any clothes at all that they could only reveal her
face. The whole scene was very arousing and Doren ended up masturbating me once
or twice a day for the next three weeks to ease my sexual tension. She was too
sore and afraid to touch herself let alone have me touch her except to assist
her in treating the wounds from her piercing ordeal. This was a very special
time for us both because of my sympathies for Doren and the pain that she went
through. My feelings of love for her overpowered my lust to possess her
sexually. This odd emotional turmoil drew me closer to her in a way that is hard
to describe. I did not feel that she was foolish for allowing herself to be
modified in this manner but instead I felt protective of her and did all I could
to minimize her discomfort. I had a certain admiration of her for the pain that
she had subjected herself to and how she had endured it without once asking for
them to stop. During this time we kissed and cuddled a lot which was always
arousing for me because Doren was still nude. The man - woman bond that we
formed at that time deepened our relationship significantly. At the beginning of
the forth week Doren still had not put on a stitch of clothing. We had not
attempted sex. Her continuing nakedness was becoming no big thing. She remained
nude the whole time while I worked. I ran all the errands and paid all of the
bills. During this time I must have been very quiet because once my boss called
me in his office and asked me if there was something wrong. He said that I
seemed very pre-occupied and he wondered if he could do anything to help.
Meanwhile Doren's incredible beauty was enhanced by her newly acquired
ornamentations and I made mental notes of every small variation in her skin
texture. I knew Doren's body by heart by after this amount of time observing her
nakedness. Every freckle, every crease and every fold of skin was meticulously
etched in my memory. Thanksgiving was the next week and Doren and I had waited
long enough. I took off all of my clothes and after our shower we carefully did
the aftercare on Doren's piercings. I was erect the whole time and sexual
lubrication leaked from me continuously. Doren slipped condom over my erect
member and I climaxed! I don't remember ever being so excited. I picked her up
and laid her on top of the bed covers. I don't remember losing my erection after
my climax. After lubricating the condom I carefully placed myself between
Doren's love lips taking care not to put too much pressure on the still tender
places, especially her clitoris and labial piercing. As I entered her Doren let
out a large moan. I came again after about three minutes and then she looked me
in the eyes and said, "please take it out I am still hurting too much." After
carefully allowing me to masturbate her for about three minutes she came with a
loud moan and arched her back thrusting her hips into the air. She looked very
sexy with the rings in her nipples and her sex. Then she hugged my nakedness
next to hers for a few moments after which I continued holding her privates
gently and in about 10 minutes or so she had came several more times the weeks
of sexual tension escaping her body. By the time we had finished holding each
other her clitoris was sort of red looking and I took the antibiotic ointment
from the table beside the bed and gently put some around the piercing with a
q-tip. Doren then laid me down on the bed, pulled off the condom and proceeded
to suck me and swirl her pierced tongue around the underside of my shaft. She
concentrated on the spot where it connects to the head of my penis using her
tongue piercing to stimulate me until I thought I could not stand the
sensitivity. I shot a copious load of semen in her mouth part of which ran down
her chin. The sex only lasted two hours this time because Doren was still sore
and I was stimulated and hot like a 15- year-old.


Doren and I were married soon after the piercing experience. We both had a sneer
on our faces when our families witnessed the part in the ceremony about the
rings. My world was rocked by her modifications. We both enjoyed the shock of
her gyneocologist as he examined her in my presence. I'm sure that we rocked his
world too. Doren is pregnant now and we expect our first child in six months.


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