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Scham das Gefühl der Verlegenheit, Schüchternheit oder der Bloßstellung, das durch Verletzung der Intimsphäre auftreten kann. Das Schamgefühl ist häufig von Erröten oder Herzklopfen begleitet; Manchmal auch von typischen körpersprachlichen Gesten wie dem Senken des Blickes.

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  • The Girl in the Mirror (Part 1) (Englisch) von DonnyLaja
    (06.11.2003 | 12651 x gelesen | Rating: 2 | 2 Stimmen)

    In a small house in the middle of this former factory town, there was not a sound on this dark December morning except for the soft buzz of the fluorescent light in the upstairs bathroom. Behind the closed door, there was a naked 18-year-old college freshman, home for Christmas break, looking at herself in the full-length mirror on the inside of th...

  • Karen Naked in school (Part 4) von Karen Wagner
    (29.10.2003 | 9990 x gelesen | Rating: 9 | 1 Stimmen)

    much fun?" Jack pushed me through the house, back to the living room. "It was just a joke!" I protested. "I've been so embarrassed and scared... I thought it would be funny to see someone else feel that way for a change!" I looked around at the guys. They looked pretty upset. "I'm... sorry!" "It was really funny," George nodded, looking at me...

  • Karen naked in school (Part 3) von Karen Wagner
    (29.10.2003 | 10113 x gelesen | Rating: 6 | 1 Stimmen)

    Generally speaking, Discipline is taking and enforcing control of another person for the purpose of sex. Bondage is limiting their movement. S&M is inflicting pain and accepting the inflicting of pain for sexual purposes." She smiled. "The collar Karen was wearing is an example of both a bondage and an S&M device, since it can be used for either...

  • Karen Naked in School (Part 2) von Karen Wagner
    (27.10.2003 | 10861 x gelesen | Rating: 6 | 1 Stimmen)

    "You've got a really nice nipple erection," another explained helpfully. Mike nodded. "I'm sorry," I said, blushing. "I have to get out of here!" I started rushing from the showers, intending to dash into the girl's bathroom as quickly as I could. "What's the problem?" Mr. Roquette asked, coming into the shower from the pool. "I have to g...

  • Leila´s Picnic Weekend von dah
    (22.10.2003 | 12048 x gelesen | Rating: 6 | 4 Stimmen)

    Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 1 Leila woke up and looked at the clock by her bed. A few minutes past half-past nine. David was going to pick her up shortly. She thought back to Wednesday. She had gone with him to a strip bar. And David and Cyndi had stripped her naked. Stark naked, except for her shoes, and shoes don't count. They not only stripped...

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